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High-quality responsive designs

Give your brand the glo factor™. Our quality designs look stunning across pc, tablet and mobile and ensure your brand and message stands out from the crowd. Find out more

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Quick and simple email list management

Either paste or import your email addresses into MailGlo and create as many email lists as you need. Then simply select a list(s) whenever you send a campaign. Find out more

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Reporting and subscriber management

Never be in the dark again with your email campaigns. We provide detailed reporting including who’s viewed your email, who’s bounced and who’s unsubscribed. Find out more

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Say goodbye to spam folders

Using a world-class server infrastructure from our friends at Mailgun, we make sure your email gets to your customer’s inbox and not their spam folder! Find out more

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Automated RSVP management

If you’re sending invites, we manage the RSVP process for you! Simply select the ‘invite’ option on a design and your recipient will be able to easily RSVP with a click of their mouse. They can change their response anytime as well. Find out more

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Your details are under lock and key

We use world-class encryption technology to make sure your details are always secure. You can tell this by the little padlock in the address bar of your browser! Find out more

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