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We created MailGlo with one mission in mind, to help you send high quality, branded email which really stands out - what we like to call, brighter email. Whether you need to send an invite to an event, a promotion, information on a new product launch, even invite someone to your special day, MailGlo makes it quick, easy and affordable to send brighter email.

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Our email designs look great on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

With people accessing their email on a multitude of devices, you need to make sure your email looks stunning no matter what they’re using! Our high quality designs have been designed to look amazing across desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets, ensuring your email will standout and be easy to read.

Responsive email designs and einvites

Free emails every month

A cost effective way to send an invitation or promotional message. You can send up to 500 free emails every month

No one likes recurring monthly fees, especially if you don’t happen to use the service for that particular month. So, we decided we’d get rid of monthly fees altogether and instead let you pay as you go! Simply pay a low fee per email address. Only pay for the emails you send.

Simple email list management

In our mission to make sending high-impact email and invites quick and easy, we’ve designed a simple way to add your emails into your account. You can either manually add your emails into a list or directly import your email addresses using our simple upload tool. Then simply select a list(s) whenever you send a campaign!

Ecards and einvites feature image

View open and RSVP data in control panel

Reporting and subscriber management

Our reports let you keep track on the performance of your email campaign, ensuring you’re never in the dark again. We provide detailed reporting including who’s viewed your email, who’s bounced and who’s unsubscribed. You can see the details of all your past campaign you sent. We've made it easy to select a past email that you've sent, edit it again and resend it quickly.

Automated RSVP management

We know that managing an RSVP list can be a hassle that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! Choose a design with an RSVP option and send it. When your email recipient receives their invite, they can select whether to attend, not attend or select 'Maybe'. This information is automatically collated in your free account.

Download these details in spreadsheet format. Better still, every person emailed your invite can choose to change their response from the email you've sent them or by viewing your unique email landing page or 'glo page' as we call them.

Selling tickets to an event? You can link your own image or add a text link to your ticket purchase page.

Email invite RSVP options

Every email campaign comes with a unique 'glo page'

Every email you send will have a unique promotional website page - we call your 'glo page'. See an example here. This landing page will contain:

  • Your logo and image if you had choosen to use or upload one
  • Your email subject, greeting/title, event date, time and address
  • 'Add to calendar' feature, choose the calendar format required to add the event to a calendar
  • Additional information you've added inluding any links
  • Your website address and social links if you added them (Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn)
  • An interactive Google map (only shown if your event has an address)
  • Current RSVP status and ability to change their response at any time
  • Contact form - your invitee can get in quick contact with you via email

Your details are under lock and key

No one wants their data to be accessible by others. That’s why we use world-class encryption technology to make sure your details are always secure. You can tell this by the little padlock in the address bar of your browser! Its worth mentioning that we will never sell or missuse your own details or the contacts you enter in to MailGlo.

Account details and contacts are secure

Free email marketing buttons, icons & badges

Free email marketing assets for you to use

We’ve created this unique set of icons, badges and call-to-action buttons for you to use in your next MailGlo, email marketing campaign. Each asset comes in four colours to compliment our email design colour schemes. View the asset collection here.

Say goodbye to spam folders

Did you know that millions of emails a day are wrongly marked as spam, bypassing the inbox and never to be read again! Not so with Mailglo. We utilise a world-class server infrastructure to make sure your emails get to where they’re supposed to � your recipients inbox!

Send emails that reach the inbox

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